Health and Safety Leaders

The Health and Safety Leaders oversee adherence to university campus health policies by providing ongoing communications and guidance on health and safety requirements to the community.

School/College/Department Health and Safety Leader
Academic Business Operations Tom Neeley
Portfolio Manager
Administrative Operations Sonja Beamon
Director of Finance & Administration for Administrative Operations
Architecture Regina Bejnerowicz
Senior Director, Regional Business Operations
Art Regina Bejnerowicz
Senior Director, Regional Business Operations
Athletics Ann-Marie Guglieri
Deputy Director, Department of Athletics
Development, Alumni Affairs, & Student Life and Secretary Carolyn Claflin
Chief Resources Officer
Divinity Katherine Antos
Associate Administrator, Administration & Operations
Drama Anna Glover
Director of Theater Safety & Occupational Health
Environment Danielle Dailey
Chief of Staff and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
FAS Departments

For Social Sciences and Humanities:
Sarah E. Logan
Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs, FAS

Susan Obert
Operations Manager, FAS

For Science and SEAS:
Sarah Miller
Assistant Dean, SEAS

Facilities & Utilities

Gloribell Lopez
Assistant Director Administration, Facilities

Finance & Business Operations Lisa Merola-Grimm
Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
Galleries & Museums Beth Bolen
Finance and Business Administrative Manager, Yale Center for British Art
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS)

For students:

Jennifer Mendelsohn
Director of the McDougal Graduate Student Center

Matthew Tanico
Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic Support & Outreach

For faculty and staff:
Matthew Tanico
Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic Support & Outreach

Human Resources Denise Jenkins
Human Resources Generalist
Institute of Sacred Music Ben Geertz
Lead Administrator, Institute of Sacred Music
ITS Mark Manton
Director of Finance & Administration
Jackson School of Global Affairs Larisa Satara
Deputy Director

Jennifer Cerny
Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Joseph Crosby
Senior Associate Dean for Finance & Administration

Susan Levesque
Coordinator for Business Processes

Monica Maldonado
Associate Dean

Library Michael Bell
Associate University Librarian for IT & Administrative Services
MacMillan Center John Beecher
Director of Finance & Administration

Bridget Gillich
Chief Administrative Officer

Pete Koerner
Managing Director of Facilities & Operations

Sherilyn Scully
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs & Student Life


For students:
John Francis
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Michael Schwartz
Associate Professor of Neuroscience

For faculty and staff:
Paul Greeley
Director of Finance & Administration for the YSM Dean’s Office

Brian Rebeschi
Executive Director

Specific YSM departments:
Judith Ahearn
Assistant Director, Anesthesiology

Jaclyn Angelino
Manager, Staff Operations & Administration, YMA

Patience Benassi
Director of Finance & Administration, Neuroscience

Dina Bohan
Manager, Administrative Services, Laboratory Medicine

Claudia Chujoy
Associate Director of Administration, Surgery

Mary Kate DeMarco
Senior Operations Manager, Psychiatry, Physiology, Child Study Center

Christopher DiGioia
Biomedical Informatics & Data Science

Steven Gentile
Senior Director, Finance & Administration, Psychiatry and Child Study Center

Colleen Goble
Manager, Faculty & Staff Affairs, OBGYN

Courtney Grimm
Academic & Scientific Affairs

Mary Henwood
Senior Director of Finance & Administration, Urology, Orthopedics

Deb Kieslich
Associate Director, Ophthalmology

Meg Kirkpatrick
Associate Provost for Research, MB&B

Tarissa Klarman
Manager of Administration & Academic Affairs, Yale Cancer Center

Nathan Kucera
Associate Director, Pharmacology

Carrie Larson
Director of Finance & Administration, Immunobiology

Bonnie Lemelin
Co-Lead Administrator, Microbial Pathogenesis

Regina McDonald
Administrator, Comparative Medicine, YARC

Robyne Gioco
Director of Finance & Administration, Department of Pediatrics

Marla Pelle
Associate Director of Academic & Admin Affairs, Radiology

Robin Pinsker
Manager, Administrative & Academic Affairs

Stephanie Santore
Associate Director of Academic & Administrative Affairs, Internal Medicine

Maracate Sassone-McHugh
Faculty & Staff Coordinator, Cell Biology

Ian Solomon
Director of Finance & Administration, Child Study Center, HSL Psychiatry

Melissa Solomon
Manager of Administrative Services, Therapeutic Radiology

Allie Squeglia
Manager of Building Operations & Facilities, YSPH

Music Krista Johnson
Director of Student Services
New Haven Affairs Beth Purcell
Director of Finance & Administration

Erin Morelli
Associate Dean of Student Life, YSN

Marcia Thomas
Associate Dean of Strategic Operations, YSN

Physician Assistant Online Program Elizabeth Roessler
Assistant Professor, Director, Yale Physician Assistant Online Program
Physician Associate Program David Brissette
Director of Physician Associate Program

Grace Young
Associate Director, Administration/Field Business Operations

Public Health

David Paltiel
Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), Professor of Management, and Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Allie Squeglia
Manager of Building Operations, YSPH

Public Safety Amy Holt
Assistant Director of Public Safety
SEAS Sarah Miller
Assistant Dean
Schwarzman Center

Jennifer Frederick
Executive Director, Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching & Learning

Stacey Hepburn-James
Director, Schwarzman Center Hospitality Operations

Meg O’Brien
Director of Finance and Administration, Poorvu Center for Teaching & Learning and Schwarzman Center

Lucas Swineford
Executive Director, Digital Education, Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching & Learning

West Campus Kim Heard
Associate Director, Research Operations
Yale College

For students, faculty and staff:
Matthew Makomenaw
Director, NACC and Assistant Dean, Yale College

For faculty and staff:
Alexa Martindale
Manager, Senior Administrative Operations Residential College

Yale Health Diane Parrette
Human Resources Manager
Yale Hospitality Daniel Flynn
Director of Asset Renewal & Planned Projects
Yale Press Beth Bolen
Finance & Administrative, Manager