Residential College Isolation Kit Locations

Cold kits are available in the residential colleges. Students living on Old Campus should pick up their kit in their residential college location. 

  • Benjamin Franklin: Entryway A, off the main courtyard
  • Berkeley: Bottom of Entryway F, South Court – in bin on top of the shelving
  • Branford: Outside of AOD office, K14, first floor of Entryway K, on the right
  • Davenport: Bookshelf outside the college office
  • Ezra Stiles: Inside Entryway C, out of sight near the door to the college offices
  • Grace Hopper: Entryway G
  • Jonathan Edwards: Main Hallway, inside magazine cubbies
  • Morse: Inside the first door of the office suite at entry G
  • Old Campus: in the designated location of your assigned residential college
  • Pauli Murray: In stairwell below the fellows’ lounge; adjacent to dining hall
  • Pierson: Outside of the Admin office under the bench in a black basket
  • Saybrook: Common Room
  • Silliman: Outside Bryers 1st floor in credenza under the TV
  • Timothy Dwight: Basement Computer Room, inside a book cabinet
  • Trumbull: On the floor by the door to the Head of College office
Suite Sign

Your kit will contain a sign reading “residents only; isolation in progress.” Please place this on the exterior door to your suite with the tape provided.

Bathroom Sign

Your kit will also contain a sign reading “bathroom currently in isolation use; please come back later”. Place this, with the tape provided, on the exterior of the bathroom door any time you are inside. Take it down when you leave.